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Kristian Warburton

Kristian Warburton

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NxWorries -Anderson Paak/ Knxwledge 

Harsh bruh

SicksentZ ft. Heron, Lakutis, DVS, MR. MFN eXquire- Death Adders 

I cant find the track I want to post so here is this instead. YouTube Preview Image

Gucci Vump – Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 remix) 

Do do doo do do do do doo do.

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Pharaohs – Sbtrkt 

Well can he?

CAN HE MOVE IT LIKE THIS? – Pretty Raheem Ft. Flint Flossy 

If your day hasn’t been improved by naked French women yet here you go. (NSFW)

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Baby baby – Make the Girl Dance 

Do yourself a favour and get into Japanese Jazz.

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Terumasa Hino – This Planet is ours 

Analog Electronic pioneers. Michael Jackson covered this track.

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Yellow Magic Orchestra – Behind the mask 

Try not to jam out to Mylo.

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Heres another entry in my favoriteĀ musicalĀ genre: 70′s disco songs about being in space. Paleofuture bitch!

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Sheila & Black Devotion-Spacer 

Uhh yeah. YouTube Preview Image

Jean Jaques Perre-Gossipo Perpetuo 

Look at what a good time these people are having and then think about how most of them are dead. YouTube Preview Image

Tommy Seebach-Apache 

I can’t wait until I’m a competent enough Dj to drop this in a club and just fuck everyone’s day up. YouTube Preview Image

Senor Stereo -Hot Damn! 

This is from a great record.

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Elvis Costello-Senior Service