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Hello World!
shared by marc tytus

This site gives you the opportunity to let your friends be the DJs and guide you through to songs you never would’ve heard of (and maybe others you never would’ve thought to look up.)

I was at a friend’s house and he was putting on a lot of amazing music, most of it straight off YouTube. More people came over and everyone used YouTube to share hours’ worth of sweet ass tunes. Of course by the end of the night I couldn’t remember a single artist(!!) So I built this site the next day.

The site’s built on Shaken Grid (I don’t think Sawyer expected how popular his theme would be) and Viper’s Video Quicktags (Alex M. is an incredible guy who offers some really unheard of support for his generous work.)

Stick around, send me your suggestions and feedback. Sign up to post or browse and comment.

  1. Kristian Warburton

    Kristian 13 August 10

    Heyo how do I sign up for this?

  2. Kristian Warburton

    Kristian Warburton 27 April 11

    Can there be subscriptions or follows or some such thing? it would be good for using with Rockmelt.

  3. marc tytus

    marc tytus 28 November 11

    Yeah follows seems like an obvious feature. I hadn’t done a lot with the site after the first few months of having fun with it but I have refreshed eyes now to look at some lacking features. Tagging is also now on my list.

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