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Ryan Baer (The Haret) – Oozlin Daddy Blues
shared by laurab

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My cousin, Ryan performs in his “one man band”. He rigged up a stand up bass with piano strings and pedals controlled by his foot, the bango or guitar, harmonica and kick drum! pret-t-t-y amazing!

  1. Nathan Pasch 23 May 12

    This is absolutely amazing! I am in love with his music! I just discovered it yesterday and have been listening to it ever since. I’d really like to see him live and purchase some albums but can’t seem to find the information to do either. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hank 11 October 12

    I run a music festival and have been trying to find out how to get ahold of Ryan for weeks. Anybody know how to get in touch with him?

  3. laurab

    Laura Baer 11 October 12

    Hey Hank,
    Apparently, I heard from his dad (my uncle) that he will be playing at the St Jacobs Farmers Market this Saturday? I am going to toronto this weekend, otherwise I would be there to see him as well!
    Good Luck

  4. jk 28 December 12

    I’ve been following your cousin Ryan for several months. He is a natural. Hope he will take some time to let the juices flow, write some spectacular Music…..the next Dylan.

  5. jk 6 February 13

    Does anyone on this site speak for Ryan? Is he an official member of Tuba Skinny Jazz Band or not? His solo work is totally amazing. Is he writing? Is there a site where his performance schedule can be found. He is an elusive performer.

  6. jk 6 February 13

    If anyone on this site knows anything about Ryan, please contact me:

    Facebook: Jk Synar


  7. Jennifer 19 February 13

    Is there a way to see if he’s touring this summer? thanks!

  8. shannon Morris 20 July 13

    Love this!!!Ryan is so talented, love his style of music and vocals. Would love to see him if he’s ever back in his old stomping ground. Smooch

  9. Malia Johnston 5 December 13

    If Ryan has an email contact regarding visiting New Zealand
    could you please email me

  10. Sylvia 6 December 13

    He seems to try not to have a following:-)

  11. Peter, Berlin 25 December 13

    Me too! :-)
    I love his music, I love the way he’s performing the songs, … – And thanks to the videos I’ve found I stumbled on Tuba Skinny as well :-) I’d love to listen to Ryan live one day! (I guess he won’t visit Berlin, so maybe I should visit New Orleans …?;)

  12. Dave Howells (UK) 23 April 14

    Hi guys/gals, Unlike, I suspect, many performers who are too ‘busy’, Ryan kindly responded to my email so if you have something worthwhile to discuss with him, I’m sure he’d do the same.

  13. Elaine Brown 3 July 14

    I saw Ryan playing in St. Jacobs Market. His email is

  14. Jimmy Edwin 23 July 14

    ‘Bout three years ago I was at St Jacobs with my old lady at the time and we saw this kid, he was brilliant. We bought one of his records and its still one of the best albums I ever heard or bought. That kid needs to get the recognition he deserves.

  15. Alex 25 July 14

    The Haret is playing at the Bruce Botanical Food Gardens in Ripley on August 24th!

  16. Lee Miller 19 December 14

    He is an amazing talent, and a great showman. His mic settings make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to an old studio in the 20′s. Even the guitar has the perfect tone to give that delta blue’s feel.

    I took the liberty of creating an mp3 of this song and cleaning it up with Audacity. I’d be glad to forward it to you if you’d like.

  17. Marie Miller 24 March 15

    Hi Ryan. Wondering if you would consider playing at Miller’s Dairy Day, Creemore Ontario, on Sat. July 11th. Last year we had four thousand customers attend. Please let me know if you are available and also include your fees. Our event is held on the farm from 11a.m. to 3p.m. Thanks, Marie Miller, Miller’s Dairy, Creemore ON

  18. laurab

    laurab 26 March 15

    Hi marie,
    I am Ryan’s cousin and he goes down to Australia or New Orleans for the winter, but he just got back last week. You can contact him at
    He said he would love to play at Miller’s Dairy Day – just email him directly and you can sort it out :)

  19. Paula Thomas 10 April 15

    I love Ryan’s music! My you tube playlist is full of his music! I’m a little old school….looking to find a CD. Any out there? Does he ever wander up to the Manitowoc-Green Bay WI area? We need some good music up here.

  20. Marie Miller 1 February 16

    Love Ryan’s music and we want to hire him for our Miller’s Dairy Day, July 16th, 2016. Hoping you can pass this message along to Ryan. He can contact me at 705-466-2509 or email at Thanks!

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